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“If you can’t explain it in a way a small child will understand, you probably don’t understand it yourself.”

The aim of NLP Demystified is a simple one. To cut through all the jargon, misunderstandings and hype that surrounds NLP and present it in an easily understandable and, most importantly, useable way.

NLP is much simpler than your thinking. It’s origins, after all, were in studying people who communicated excellently and presenting those skills in an easily learnable way.

The power of NLP comes from this simplicity, yet people have gone out of the way to obfuscate it and make it as complex and unwieldy as they can.

Many mistakes have been built into the model by people who have just regurgitate what came before. Like a bad photocopy of a bad photocopy. These errors have also become part of NLP!

I went back to first principles to cut through these myths, mistakes and misconceptions, and so the NLP Demystified Series was born.

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